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Reading the Declaration of Independence at Easton, Pa 7/10/11

The Battle of Germantown

Sharing In African-American History - Ned at Snyder School

Training an Artillery Crew / Brandywine Battle - Ned at Snyder School

A Commercial for the Germantown Re-enactment

 Boy Scout Black Artillerist Patch

The Black Artillerist Boy Scout Patch

I was visiting Hibernia Park in Chester County, Pa on Aug. 10, 2013 for the Old Fiddler’s Day when I met Jay, a supervisor and ranger at the park. He asked me if I was the person that did the presentations of Ned Hector. When I told him yes, he informed me that he and his troop of Boy Scouts had attended some of my presentations. He went on to tell me they had designed a patch based on the artillery drill they had been part of during their attendance. Jay said he had an extra patch and gave me one. This is the patch. Boy Scouts of Chester County Council I cannot express how truly honored Ned would have been. Thank You.

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 Learning to aim a musket. About the clothing, well everyone must start somewhere.

 Riding a horse.

 Aim a musket from a horse.

 At Independence Hall.

 At Valley Forge.

 The Ned Hector historic marker in Conshohocken.

 Noah with a carriage horse in Philadelphia.

 Noah and His four children.

  Artillery company.

 Fellow Patriots

 In the kitchen thanking the women for dinner.

 Noah and family

 British soldiers at Brandywine.


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